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Most Frequent Lennox® Furnace Error Codes (and What They Mean)

While your Lennox® heating system isn’t able to talk to you, it has a procedure to get your attention when there’s a furnace error.

Its control panel has a set of LED lights that can share a fault code. Subject to the problem, your furnace might show continuous or flashing lights.

While there are some basic heating adjustments you can take care of without an expert, many services are best taken care of by experts. When your heating system will not kick on or give warmth, reach out to Total Comfort at 201-268-5663 for skilled furnace repair in Franklin Lakes.

Our experts will speedily determine and handle the breakdown, even if you don’t use a Lennox heating system. We can service whichever kinds or models—and get the comfort restored to your home quickly.


What Does the Flashing Light on My Heating System Mean?

Your heating system relies on lights to flash code when it isn’t working right. It also engages this system to tell you it’s working properly.

Normal heating includes:

  • Both lights flash slowly—heating system running correctly.
  • Concurrent fast flash—heating system is starting to call for heat.

If you realize that a single light blinking slowly and the other flashing fast, your heater might be having a low flame signal. This can occur even when your heater is working properly. It indicates the flame sensing rod could be dirty or in the incorrect area on the burner. Reach out to us at 201-268-5663 for assistance.

Here are several other of the most common errors for Lennox furnaces.

Heating System Will Not Start

Here are some of the light arrangements you could observe when your heater won’t turn on or keep running. The majority of these issues need to be taken care of by a technician, such as one from Total Comfort.

  1. Both LED lights are extinguished. This signifies your HVAC system might not be receiving power. Check the breaker box to confirm the heating system fuse is not flipped. Try resetting the fuse if it has moved into the “off” area. If it instantly turns off after you reset it, don’t try to reset it again and call us at 201-268-5663.
  2. One light is continuous and the other is blinking slowly. This implies the flame rollout switch is probably not working right. The part is a critical safety tool that aids in preventing fires and carbon monoxide. You shouldn’t try to take care of this malfunction without professional help.
  3. A single light is blinking quickly and the other is flashing slowly. This often signifies power polarity has been reversed. Your furnace might have a wiring issue that needs professional aid from Total Comfort.
  4. All lights are flashing slowly. This signifies your heating system’s blower motor probably isn’t running. This part distributes warm air from the HVAC system into your house. We can aid in pinpointing what’s causing an issue with this piece.
  5. An individual light is blinking slowly and the other is flickering quickly. This indicates your heater could have low voltage or a short circuit. Contact our professionals at 201-268-5663 for assistance.
  6. One light is flashing on, on and off while the other blinks on, off, on. This signifies there could be trouble with your heater’s motherboard or wiring. Total Comfort can pinpoint the error and handle it.
  7. The duo of lights show alternate slow flickers. This means your heating system may have a flame failure. There may be trouble with its gas supply, gas valve or ignitor control. Reach out to us at 201-268-5663 for support.
  8. A single light flickers slowly while the other is steady. This usually means your HVAC system’s limit switch is malfunctioning. The switch prevents your HVAC equipment from getting too hot. Contact the professionals at Total Comfort for support.

Furnace Blower Operates But No Heat

Here’s what may be broken when you notice your furnace’s blower fan on, but you aren’t gaining any warm air.

  • Both lights display alternating quick flashes. This means your furnace ignitor might be broken. This component kindles fuel in your heating system to produce heat and should be serviced by a technician from Total Comfort.

Turn to Us for Skilled Furnace Repair

When you have to have your furnace in working order quickly, trust the specialists at Total Comfort. Our pros will handle the fault without delay and have your house feeling comfortable again soon. Reach out to us at 201-268-5663 or contact us online to request an appointment today.

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